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How we work

After an initial discussion with a prospective client, we will normally prepare a written specification describing the proposed website or software application.  For a simple project this specification may only be a few pages; if there are complex technical requirements then it may be much longer.  In all cases it will normally include a fixed-price quotation for the subsequent development.

Following your acceptance of our quotation we will agree a schedule for development.  Inevitably there may be changes to the specification arising during the course of the development process, and these will be accommodated as flexibly as possible.

Assuming that the project is for the development of a website, we will deploy the new site to our test servers, to allow you to review the site before it is made public.  When you are ready for us to proceed, we will deploy to our superb network of live servers which offer a high level of security and resilience.

All our development uses Microsoft technologies and runs on Windows 2008 servers and SQL Server databases.  Some of our older projects are still running successfully on traditional ASP, while more recent projects use the latest .NET technologies.

We offer a full hosting package including email services, together with efficient and friendly technical support.  We can also assist with search engine optimisation (SEO) work, Google Analytics, and so forth.

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