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Our Team

Mike Hughes-Chamberlain

Mike has worked in the IT industry since graduating from Oxford University in 1981.  He worked for several years for Triad Computer Systems in London, and then for Informatikk A/S in Oslo and Bristol.  In 1993, Mike founded McLintock, initially working on the IBM AS/400 platform, but since the late 1990s on web technologies principally using  Microsoft technologies.

Mike is a keen musician and also writes most of the music for the Jacquie Lawson e-cards website, which he helped to set up in 2002.  He works from home in the West Country.

Jenny Smith

Jenny graduated from Oxford University in 1983, and worked for several years at Triad Computer Systems, where she first met Mike.  She also worked with Mike at Informatikk A/S, but their paths separated in the early 1990s when Jenny set up her own software business in London.  In 2005 she joined McLintock, and she now works from home in Brighton.

She has not yet managed to integrate her other main pastime of gardening into the world of computers, but is sure that this will happen sooner or later.


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